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 The best way to heal yourself, is to help others.
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Blaquesmith,inc  is comprised of two companies:

Blaquesmith Consulting and Unspeakable Truth Publications



Ramel Smith (The Blaquesmith) provides a wealth of innovative approaches. He utilizes a skill set honed through years of specialized practice in varied and diverse settings. At Blaquesmith Consulting, our motto is intelligence with a heart.  This core maxim runs through every thing we do.  Providing practical solutions and tools, to take you, your team,your organization to the next level. Next Level innovative approaches to help you navigate through life’s roughest terrain. Dr. Smith is well published and cited; yet, he brings a high level of compassion and empathy to his craft.  A blend of intelligence, humor, grit, and optimism...the Blaquesmith is here to serve you!!

Staff Training/ Organizational Support

Dr. Smith offers workshops and training seminars for organizations in need of internal support . Organizations seeking to train and support both its clients and its employees: sports teams, governmental agencies, corporate entities, community organizations. small businesses, professional sports teams and  educational institutions. Each session is individually crafted to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Saturday Morning's @7 on Channel 24

Unspeakable Truth dares to approach some of today’s most pressing issues. The show’s content is centered around mental health and social justice in areas of education, incarceration, foster care and human trafficking and policy. Fulfilling Blaquesmith's commitment to uplift and will provide valuable information to help heal our community.

In our personal lives and in the professional arena, we at Blaquesmith Consulting, Inc;  sincerely value the relationships  we've made along the way.   These are a few of our clients and associates.

Saturday Morning's @7 on Channel 24

Advertising on Unspeakable Truth is a unique opportunity to reach the Metro Milwaukee and outlying area audience in a creative and compelling way. We provide a highly visible platform to present your brand’s message.  Deliver a powerful television  message to your demographic and let your viewers discover your business anew.

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Leaders Performance Institute

Turning the Last Stone: The Enigma of Mental Health Psychologist Ramel L. Smith says that mental health is easily ignored but that teams should be doing more to support their athletes and coaches. Guest Speaker Human Performance Performance Psychology | 10.01.19

Ramel L. Smith is a Licensed Psychologist and President of BLAQUESMITH Psychological Consultative Services. Between 2014 and 2016, Smith also served as the Team Psychologist of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and was warmly received as a speaker at the 2015 Leaders Sport Performance Summit in New York City. Here, he addresses the stigma of mental health and suggests ways in which sports organizations can turn what many consider to be the last stone in high performance.








Warriors have a mission and only death prevents them from accomplishing their agenda. Only when we see the life or death option do we push ourself beyond the limits. If it is not worth dying for, then the mission is trivial. Find your purpose and go after it with great ferocity.



October 28, 2015 by   The BLAQUESMITH



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