• Join us for a conversation with several Milwaukee Public School principals. Watch as they discuss how various MPS schools are implementing programs from the Wisconsin Urban Leaders Institute. The focus is  equity within the educational  community.

  • Wisconsin Urban

    Leadership Institute

  • This week we are touching on a topic that is receiving a lot of buzz nowadays​, Doulas. We are so excited to be joined by two local doulas that will sit down and talk to us about all that they do and how they support mothers that are expecting as well as the family We are also delighted to have a brief conversation with a local Milwaukee star Marlon Hill.

  •      Medicine for the Soul...

                 'the Doulas'

  • Join us for an intimate conversation with Lance Dorsey Sr., Bria Grant, & Micheal Mayo Sr. We are so delighted to sit down and talk about sit down and talk about the heartbeat bill sweeping the nation, racism in our city and so much more!

  • Politics w/  Lance Dorsey Sr., Bria Grant & Micheal Mayo Sr.

  • Join us for an informative discussion regarding the distinction between Mental Health and Mental Illness.

  • Mental Wellness


    Mental Illness

  • Join us as we discuss a difficult discussion​ about youth mental health. We have some amazing guests that will be joining us to talk about this difficult conversation.

  •     Youth Mental Health

Unspeakable Truth Archive...

  • Join us for a special conversation with Rob Biko Baker & Jamaal E. Smith. This week we will be speaking about fair and equal housing, education and community leaders.

  • Community Conversation

    Rob Biko Baker &

    Jamaal E. Smith